Mustererkennung zur automatischen Foto-Identifizierung von Amphibien


Software zur automatischen individuellen Identifizierung von Fleckenmustern von Amphibien.

Mit der Software AmphIdent kann die Individual­erken­nung in Fang-Wiederfang-Studien von Amphibien software-gestützt automatisiert werden. Hierzu werden die spezifischen Muster auf digitalen Fotos analysiert und per Mustererkennung und Photo-Identifikation werden Wiederfänge automatisch berechnet und in einer Datenbank verwaltet. AmphIdent erreicht eine sehr hohe Erkennungsrate und bietet eine einfache Bedienung. Derzeit werden folgende Tierarten unterstützt:


April 29th, 2021 - Build 327

  • add better error message when an cannot be loaded

Dec 7th, 2020 - Build 326

  • fix initialization bug in newest Windows 10

Aug 13th, 2018 - Build 310

  • fix bug when picture for newts was too big
  • provide more useful messages when using the MS Access database and the current picture is not processable by the database
  • ensure TextDBConnector does not corrupt an MS Access database

May 31st, 2018 - Build 304

  • fix encoding for filenames with non-ASCII characters

Mar. 2nd, 2018 - Build 301

  • fix crash when starting with a new empty database

Jan. 14th, 2018 - Build 299

  • fix bug with German umlauts in the filenames

Nov. 9th 2017 - Build 297

  • AmphIdent now stores the contour points used for pattern extraction within the pattern files
  • The contour points for pattern extraction can be shown in the database view
  • AmphIdent now allows to automatically delete entries from the external database, when a pattern is deleted from the internal database

Oct. 29th 2017 - Build 292

  • Deleting an animal from the internal database allows to also automatically remove it from the external database.

Sep. 26th 2017 - Build 290

  • Improve pattern extraction for yellow-bellied toads

Aug. 27th 2017 - Build 283

  • Add option to switch off the exclusive lock of the pattern database.

Aug. 11th 2017 - Build 281

  • Center image processing dialog on screen

May 1st 2017 - Build 277

  • Automatically create subdirectories for internal and external database
  • Do not allow databases to be stored with C:/Program files

Apr. 27th 2017 - Build 276

  • Fix crash in processing Salamanders
  • Fix mousewheel usage in Windows 10

Mar. 13th 2017 - Build 274

  • Fix crash in processing of Bombina bombina
  • Allow to keep the gender empty from AddGender.dll
  • Correct documentation of AddGender.dll

Feb. 17th 2017 - Build 272

  • Update the manuals
  • More informative error message when an original image cannot be found

Jan. 1st 2017 - Build 269

  • Fix a bug that inhibited the Slider to load arbitrary profiles
  • Fix a bug with non-conforming field names for MS-Access database

Aug. 03 2016 - Build 263

  • Include rudimentary Python integration for extending AmphIdent
  • Fix a crash in image processing for newts, when the image had a non-suitable background.

Jul. 25 2016 - New Homepage Design

  • Provide a site accessible by mobile devices
  • Simplify navigation

Jul. 19 2016 - Homepage Improvements

  • Add page about individual photo-identification of salamanders
  • Add links to supported species on the main page

May 5 2016 - Build 245

  • new plugin: AddLocation allows to store the time and place of the animal capture.

Feb. 18 2016 - Build 244

  • fixes a crash when matching patterns by the Salamandra plugin

Oct. 24 2015 - Build 236

  • Prevents common problem in pattern extraction for toads
  • Improves detection of red and black pattern areas for toads

Oct. 12 2015 - Build 232

  • Improvemes the user interface
    • File name of each pattern is shown in single view
    • Plugin AddLength accepts . and , as decimal separators
    • File name of processed image is shown in analysis plugin window
    • Simpler control during toad pattern extraction

Jan. 20 2015 - Build 231

  • Improve robustness of MS Access database connector

Nov. 04 2014 - Build 230

  • This build adds a configuration wizard which offers quick and easy modification of AmphIdent config files. The configuration wizard can be started from C:/Program Files (x86)/AmphIdent/wizard.exe. Usage of the program is straight forward.

Oct. 31 2014 - Build 227

  • Improves user interface for pattern extraction of newts and toads

Oct. 11 2014 - Build 194

  • Adds rudimentary check if MS Access database has correct file and database format

Mar. 23 2014 - Build 181

  • First version of a species plugin for identifying lizards Lacerta agilis

Feb. 15 2014 - Build 155

  • Improves check if two AmphIdent instances access the same database

Jan. 05 2014 - Build 150

  • Add final version of species plugin that identifies salamandra salamandra