Processing of digital photographs of Fire-bellied toads (Bombina bombina)

Requirements for the photographs

During the operation of pictures of the Fire-bellied toad the user marks the pattern manually. The following demands are made to the pictures:

  • The animals should lie vertically, the head should point to the top. -Pay attention that no sparkles or shadows are present on the ventral patterns. Additionally the pictures must not be unsharp.
  • Pay attention that the pattern is not covered by extremities or dirt. In an ideal case, the extremeties of the animals point away from the body.
  • Photographs should be taken from straight above the animal and the individuals must not lie in crouched position.

Resolution of the photograhs

Too small resolutions compromise the sharpness of the patterns, too large resolutions lengthen the computation time for marking the pattern.

An optimal photo contains the animal with a resolution of approximately 300x300 pixels. The resolution of the picture then depends on the size of the individual on the photo.

A sample photo

Example image of toad pattern suitable for individual identification via automatic pattern recognition. The adjacent photo is ideal. Its resolution is 450x500 pixels. Although the animal does not lie completey vertical it is sufficient. Its extremeties point away from the body and the ventral pattern is easily recognizable.

Click the photo to display it in original size.