Test Version

Before buying AmphIdent, you can try out a test version at no charge.

This program is by protected by copyright laws. Illegal copying, modifying, distribution or further propagation is forbidden and will be prosecuted.

You agree to the terms above if you download the program.

To try out, a few sample images can be downloaded here:

The test version of AmphIdent supports all features of the full version. The only limitation is that the test version can only work with databases that contain at most 200 patterns. Additionally, a message appears at startup.

A quick introduction is given in the document First steps (see Documentation). If you face problems, please write an eMail to me.

Unlimited Version

AmphIdent is sold modularly. There is a mandatory basis package and further modules can be purchased on demand. The basis package contains:

  • The AmphIdent main program
  • One species module (Crested newt, fire-bellied toad or fire salamander)
  • AmphIdent Slider for fast processing of entire directories
  • Realization of the external database as a text file

Further modules that can be purchased:

Plugin packages

The plugin package extends the features of AmphIdent. It offers the possibility to measure the length and determine the age, gender, and condition of the animal while processing the picture.

Connection to MS-Access

This package directly connects AmphIdent to an MS-Access database file. This avoids the cumbersome detour of importing the generated text file into an MS-Excel file and processing it afterwards.

Price list

Module Price
Basic package with one species 1000€
Every additional species 800€
Connection to MS-Access 350€
Plugin package 350€

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me via eMail. I will gladly send you a personal offer at your request.