This page answers frequently asked questions.

AmphIdent immediately exits with the error "The license is invalid"

Start the AmphIdent License Program and check its output. You may have deactivated AmphIdent accidently. In this case you need to request another license file.

Is it possible to run AmphIdent in LAN and/or parallel on several PCs?

Every PC where AmphIdent should run needs a separate license file. You can request these files.

If AmphIdent should connect to the same database from different PCs it is necessary that all PCs have access to the directory where the internal database is stored. Furthermore it is required to ensure that only one instance of AmphIdent runs in your network since parallel work on the same database is not supported.

Can I use additional columns in the external database?

Yes, this is possible. If you use the Access-Database you can simply add other columns to the table. AmphIdent will silently ignore those columns during processing.

If you use the Text-Database this is also possible. Append further columns at the end of the columns and separate them by TAB. Ensure that AmphIdent is not running, when editing the Text-Database or your work will be discarded.

How can I change the Prefix for the individual's names?

Change the key Prefix in the corresponding configuration file of your used species module.

Can AmphIdent process other species?

Generally AmphIdent can process all patterns that solely consist of bright and dark areas. For example, yellow-bellied toads and smooth newts (Triturus vulgaris) can also be worked on. In case you have a specific concern, please contact me.