Table format of the databases

AmphIdent exports relations of individual's names with picture files into an external database. The connection is realized with a database module. This module can be easily exchanged in order to support different database formats.

The default text database

The basic package of AmphIdent contains the database module for a table in .csv format. This module appends a new line to the .csv-table for each assignment of an individual's name to a picture file. The lines are separated by tabulators and the first row contains the names of the columns.

The following link points to a sample file: sample.csv.

The column "Musterdatei" is used for internal tasks (Single View).

Connection to MS-Access

The connection to a MS-Access database file is implemented through a separate database module. It requires a special table format, which will be described in the following.

The database module for MS-Access expects a database with MS-Access-Format (*.mdb), which needs to contain at least one table. This should contain (at least) the following columns:

Default nameTypeDescription
BildnameTextContains the filename of the picture file
TiernameText[min. 20]Contains the name of the individual that was photographed in the picture.
MusterdateiText[255]Contains the file name for the pattern file, needed for internal tasks.

The shown column names are default values and can be changed at your will. The usage of plugins for measuring the length etc. will require further column names.

The database module for MS-Access expects, that all file names of the pictures are already inserted into the database. The file names need to be inserted with out directory name, but the path may be written into an additional column. The module inserts the assigned individual's name to the line with the processed picture and the link between name and picture is reached this way.

A sample database for MS-Access can be downloaded via the following link: Sample database.

Other databases / formats

If you wish a connection to another database or prefer another table format, a special module may be implemented. Please contact me in this case.